May 20, 2015
2:20 PM

Larry and Janet Move Out at inHOUSE Festival

We were excited to see Larry and Janet Move Out playing at London’s fantastic inHOUSE festival. The programming team did an incredible job with a really exciting and diverse selection of shorts under the banner ‘We Are All F**cked’: “An eclectic ensemble of shorts that reminds us of our place in the bigger picture (that is society). We are social animals after all. Ideology, politics, community, unfortunate accidents, or an uncertain future rooted in a nostalgia-fueled present bring up a valid question: are we all fucked?”

The screening went really well with the inHOUSE space sold-out. Really lovely to see a projection on a bare wall, with people sitting on sofas watching a film which features a couple sitting on a sofa; it felt like the right place for it.