Royal College of Art (RCA). S:FUTURE Exhibition. Visual Identity.

This work was developed for a group exhibition named S:FUTURE with four PhD researchers from Royal College of Art. It took place at Dyson Gallery, Battersea in London in 2016. S:FUTURE was an interwoven the works of artists Victoria Geaney, Wayne Binitie, Trent Kim and Flora Bowden, from four different programs at RCA (Fashion, Glass, Animation and Printmaking).

The goal was to create a comprehensive visual identity for the exhibition to document their research work and to be shown by a variety of media. The main image is a collage that was created combining the work of the four artists aiming to reflect the materiality of their works such as transparency, unfinished, formation and light. We developed a leaflet that unfolds on an A2 poster with all the information about the exhibition and the artists, a transparent banner, since the artists did not want any conventional signage, but something that mixed with the materiality of the exhibition, and an opening night film, completing the documentation for their research work.