Tindersticks. Medicine. Music Video.

A video filmed by Patrick Steel and David Reeve during the band’s ‘something rain’ sessions. The practice and recording space in France has become very special to the band – a place where they come together to create. While much of the session was filmed with the band there were moments when it seemed that the essense of the studio itself should be captured in those quite moments when the tindersticks took a breather. Through presenting the periphery of the recording session, the personality and humour of the band are captured through shots such as cigarette papers, a broken wine cork, and the ‘I’m Saving Up To Be a Rock Star’ book. In the meantime their is a strong feeling of abscence as these signs of life are seemingly abandoned – much like the discovery of the Mary Celeste. The mixing board holds a clue to one of the tracks on the band’s 2016 album ‘The Waiting Room’ with the lyrics to ‘Lucinda’ in evicence:

‘I only dance to remember,
How dancing used to feel…’